Hi, We’re The Lawrences!

Hi, We’re The Lawrences!

This blog is produced by Kelsey (mom) and primarily features our little adventurer, Parks. Dad (Clark) will also make an occasional appearance. We are a traveling family, but that’s only part of the reason behind this effort.

Parks was born in August 2022, and a few weeks later, we were preparing for our first road trip (it was the start of college football season, after all). Within two months, we were looking for tips and tricks to help us fly with our newborn. We found a lot of blogs and Instagram posts that glorify what it’s like to travel with an infant, but the practical advice was harder to come by. We never found the post that said you’d need more than six diapers (yes, I said six) for a 2-hour flight. Or the guidance for how to change a baby on a plane so small that it doesn’t have a changing table. And don’t even get me started on the “travel system” stroller that we chose after hours and hours of research.

Those are the kinds of insights that I hope to offer by blogging about our adventures—and misadventures. 

What’s even more important to me is that I help other new parents feel comfortable exploring with their littles. Whether that means conquering your first restaurant outing with your baby or taking them to Target for the first time. The amount of planning that goes into running errands is intimidating, and I hope to help others through that. Eventually, I hope you’ll feel comfortable taking trips and introducing your baby to new places and experiences. Start small and your confidence will grow–just like that new baby of yours!


Our homebase is Memphis, Tennessee, but we spend quite a bit of time in Northwest Montana. As a Memphis transplant, my family is spread across the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, so we cover a lot of ground each year. Our favorite things to do are camping, hiking, kayaking, and renting primitive cabins with no running water, utilities, or access to a cell signal. We also enjoy the beach every now and then, and I’d be lying by omission if I didn’t tell you that we are big fans of Walt Disney World.

Prior to having Parks, I was a full-time corporate communications manager for a Fortune 50 company. During leave, I decided there was nothing more important than owning my own schedule so that I could spend as much time with Baby P as possible. I made the difficult decision not to return to my corporate 9-5, but to instead focus on growing my freelancing career. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed writing feature articles for a local health and fitness magazine, as well as producing content for companies with a focus on the outdoors and adventure.

Now that I have a new sidekick that goes everywhere I go, I decided to expand my focus a bit and launch this blog to help other new parents as they prepare to adventure with their little.

You’ll get to know us more as you follow our blog. And I’ll be updating our Instagram as we go as well. Check out our Instagram ‘story’ for more regular content. Thank you for joining us on this new adventure!