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Work With Us

Adventure Baby is a travel and lifestyle blog run by Kelsey Lawrence, dedicated to inspiring new parents around the world to continue traveling and enjoying life the way they did before they took on the ultimate adventure–having a baby! The only difference? Now they get to do it all with a new sidekick. 

Across social media and her blog, Kelsey reaches hundreds of people monthly worldwide and her following is growing quickly. Adventure Baby’s primary audience is interested in hearing the logistics, tips/tricks, and best destinations for traveling with a baby. They want to hear what it’s really like–not the glorified façade that makes it look easy. It’s not a competition and it’s certainly not easy, but we’re going to do it anyway. We’re all just doing the best we can to teach our littles that there is a whole world out there worth exploring. 

Our audience is interested in travel destinations, travel companies that cater to families, products that can help them pack and get around easier and more efficiently, and services that will help them travel smarter and allow them the energy to continue showing their new babies the world around them. 

Let’s collaborate!

Social media and blogs are a powerful and unique ways to drive engagement and build awareness for your brand. I provide content related to traveling with babies, products that help us get around, trying new things with your baby, and what to expect with each new adventure.

  • Press Trips & Destination Marketing
  • Sponsored Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok Posts
  • Blog Posts
  • Guest Blogging
  • Content Creation
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  • Social Media Marketing
  • … and more!

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For more information on Adventure Baby, download our media kit.